Apollo Medical is a licensed Medicare approved home health care agency serving the needs of the people in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and Illinois. We understand that homebound patients have different needs; therefore, our Case Managers, under the supervision of our Clinical Director, will assess and design a plan of care for the individualized needs of the client. Because Apollo Medical has a clinically diverse staff of clinicians trained in virtually all aspects of health care, we will assign a clinician that has the clinical knowledge necessary for the treatment prescribed by the physician.

Because of new technology and treatment methods being introduced almost everyday, we believe it is imperative that our staff is informed of new procedures and policy changes that frequently occur. Therefore, all employees are required to participate in monthly training sessions to insure that continuing education is being received. Apollo Medical has weekly case management meetings that are mandatory for our clinical staff to review all cases. We understand that not everyone seeking care speaks English; therefore, for those individuals we can assist with our bilingual staff.


“I thought everyone at Apollo Medical who came to the house was very patient, pleasant and caring. They made me feel like a person and not just like a number or another name.” – Carol B.

“I believe whole heartedly in this company. I started with Apollo Medical in 2008 and have been part of an awesome team that is committed to providing the best care. Our standards and goals represent people who are energetic, productive, motivated, creative, and successful at caring for our patients in their home. I truly feel that our ideas and values are effective in changing lives in positive ways.” – Laura