Apollo Medical, Inc. provides outstanding home health care to each patient.  In order to accomplish this type of care, we hire highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated professionals.  If interested in joining our staff here at Apollo Medical, Inc., please forward your resume or application to our email address, fax us or mail us.

Employee Testimonials

“I am grateful for my job at Apollo Medical, Inc. I have been with the company since 2004. The staff at Apollo is like family. It truly is a team effort providing quality care to our patients. I have worked in the home health field for 21 years in both hospital-based companies and those not affiliated with hospitals. My experience at Apollo Medical, Inc. is unlike any other home health agency that I have worked for. The owner/administrator is an occupational therapist herself so she truly can relate to the needs of the employees. We are able to individualize care and offer our patients services that larger, hospital-based agencies cannot. I consider working at Apollo Medical, Inc. a blessing.” – Barb

“I have been with Apollo Medical, Inc. for three years. I started part-time and as we grew, within a year, I became full-time. I really enjoy and love working with this company. I’ve never worked with a boss and other co-workers that are so friendly, caring, and loving to each other and to patients. I want to continue to grow and learn with Apollo Medical, Inc. as we expand toward the future.” – Chantay