Therapy Services

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists provide assistance to our clients in recovering, restoring, and maintaining strength and endurance. The therapists restore musculoskeletal abilities, from arthritis, fractures, sprains, and patients with limited ambulation. They also are specialized in helping the patient restore their functional limitations, as well as regaining their ability to ambulate. Each therapist works toward achieving maximum outcomes by using physical agent modalities and therapeutic techniques. For example: electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and anodyne therapy.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists provide treatment for those impaired due to a physical illness, emotional disorder, congenital or developmental disability. The therapists will develop a plan of care that will incorporate the techniques necessary for maximizing independent living.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists treat individuals with profound speech and developmental disabilities. The therapists have knowledge of augmentative communication devices and language stimulation to assist in improving swallowing and communication.